Increased risk of Fire and Carbon Monoxide

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November 1, 2022

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Winter and the Holiday Season are now in full swing.  Our cars will be parked in our attached garages more often and we will be using fuel-burning heating appliances (wood, gas, oil).  As a result, there is an increased risk of fire and/or carbon monoxide dangers in your home (this is a threat all year round).

It is undeniable that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms save many Canadian lives every year.  In order to keep your home and its occupants safe, there are some things you should know.  Currently, the standard requires:

1. Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all hallways adjacent to bedrooms.

2. Install smoke alarms in each bedroom that not only produce a loud alarm sound, but also present a voice alert. 

3. Install at least one smoke alarm on each level of the home.

The modern device will have a battery backup and be hard-wired to the electrical system of newer homes. This allows it to function even if there is a power outage. Battery-operated devices can be used throughout older homes.

You must change your batteries twice a year unless you bought a smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector with a ten-year battery; we advise you to do this when you set your clocks back an hour in the spring and fall.

Your insurance provider and fire department will appreciate it! Call us today if you’re looking for a certified, experienced home inspector in your area.

This is the best money you will ever spend!

Tri County inspection knows their stuff and it could save you thousands of dollars. They do not just inspect resale homes but they will also inspect new builds as they are happening. This will save you so many problems before they start and thousands of dollars later. They are honest and professional. This is money well spent.

Sandy W.

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